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 If you ever watch all the students walking to their senior high school, chances are most of them will have a mobile phone tucked away in their backpack or school bag.  The majority will have been bought by their parents, who want to be able to contact their children quickly and easily, but is there a right age to buy their first mobile phone?

What to Consider Before Handing Over a Mobile Phone 

Our advice here at FoneEzy is that before you go ahead and buy one, you need to check whether your child is ready for a phone.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Children are naturally forgetful, are they responsible enough not to lose their phone?  If you lose a well-known brand it can be expensive it gets mislaid.  
  • Can you rely on them to use in a mature way, which means they won’t text and download inappropriate images and videos and share it amongst their friends?
  • How important is it for you to be able to stay in touch easily? Children lead busy lives, perhaps they need that phone so they can be collected from events
  • Will they disregard data usage, and rack up expensive calls?
  • Do they understand mobile phone etiquette, for example not to use it in class or ring their friends at unsocial hours?
  • How much would this phone mean to them so they can stay in contact with their friends? 

When Is the Right Age to Hand Over a Mobile Phone?

A decade ago, the average age to get a mobile phone was when children started senior high school in year 7, but nowadays it seems to be getting younger. There is no clear-cut answer as to the best age.

Children whose parents have separated will value being able to keep in touch with both Mum and Dad, wherever they’re staying.  Parents who work can contact them on their phone and check to ensure they’ve arrived home from school safely.

Children will naturally place pressure on their parents to buy them one.

What’s the Best Mobile Phone You Can Give to Your Child?

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular on the market and for good reason, they are highly functional and extremely stylish in design and tie in with other iPhone products.  People tend to stick with them once they buy one, as they get familiar with the way they work.  Often, you’ll find several members of the family own one.

Here at FoneEzy, iPhone 5 is a good choice or an iPhone 6.  If you already have one, why not pass it onto your child and buy yourself a new one?  You’ll be amazed at how often this happens in households. Perth based FoneEzy can also unlock phones.

FoneEzy can repair both the iPhone 5 or an iPhone 6 to make it look like new again.  Replacing a cracked screen is not an issue.  We can also offer a Life Proof Screen Cover which will prevent any future damage.

The Sony Kurio, is another good selection. It comes with unique features to help parents keep track of their children using a GPS monitoring system.  Calls, text messages or applications can all be monitored by a parent and there’s a feature which prevents children from finding inappropriate websites.  FoneEzy can undertake any Sony phone repairs.

Before you buy any new mobile phone for your child, talk through the implications of having one and the responsibilities which come with it. 

If you need advice on buying one or need a mobile phone repair contact the experts FoneEzy in Perth. We can do onsite screen repairs, sometimes within the hour, replacements and have an unlocking service and what’s more our work is guaranteed. 

Why not ring us today on (08) 9485 2611 to find out more?

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